Lose the ‘flash mob’ mentality

Marketers today are challenged to go beyond traditional means and that includes your B2B folks as well.

What may seem like a good marketing tactic (i.e. flash mobs, viral videos) months ago, feels more like a desperate final attempt for B2B businesses to stay relevant to customers.

Content Marketing Institute also listed “getting buy-in” from management as a challenge for marketers who understand the value of content marketing vis-a-vie ‘traditional’ tactical marketing. (We will talk more about the value lifecycle of content marketing in our upcoming blogs.)

One of the common laments we hear from our B2B customers is that they can’t find nor sustain relevance in their customers’ daily lives. For example, how do you sell enterprise-grade data storage to an IT guy and at the same time, make him like your brand?

Here are three tips to keep your B2B brand relevant and top-of-mind.

1. Humanize your story

Communication and public relations professionals will tell you that storytelling is the way brands should strive towards in our current society of information overload. Which articles drive your interests? You and I are more likely to click on a story that you can relate to, say an article on time management titled:

"How to get out of your 9-to-5 routine with three easy tips"


"University professor shares lecture on better time management"

Or in the context of B2B stories, how do you tell a story about data storage without making your readers feel left out?

Here are two more examples:

"New storage system holds up to 12TB of data today"


"Never delete another HD movie on your home movie collection again"

2. Be honest

With social media and mobile devices all around us, we have become accustomed to instantaneous information and more often than not, marketing and advertising spews dominate these online spaces.

Taking a straightforward and honest approach not only increases the likeability of your brand, but it also builds trust amongst your readers or customers.

And much like content marketing, trust is not given; it is earned and it takes a longer time to see the fruits of your labor. But the value in the trust you earned will be well worth the time spent.

3. Stay consistent

We can all agree that change is the only constant in life, and that pretty much sums up the way customer needs are. While marketing should always remain targeted to customer groups, a strong and consistent brand message will make you stand out from the crowd.

When was the last time you shared your marketing objectives with your corporate communications teams and brand? Most of us do not have the luxury to do so. However, working closely with your communications and brand teams can align the overall message and strengthen brand perception in the market. A strong brand message centered around the company’s mission is consistent, which helps your customers identify you. Campaign messages (targeted) should always be relevant to your brand message, so that recall value (of your brand) trickles down to your targeted campaigns as well. You are your brand, not your campaign.

At the end of the day, we want our brands to stay relevant and building reliable content is the first step to raise your brand value and towards brand longevity.

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